Behavior Card System

BEHAVIOR:  Dearborn Heights School District No. 7 holds high expectations for all students.  Madison Elementary has a school wide behavior system that focuses on helping students to be safe, respectful, and responsible.  Our expectations help guide students to build life-long skills for success.  Please read the below information carefully and if you have any question or concerns let me know.

Classroom 5’s Card System

Below are our classroom colors for behavior.


Student card was not flipped at all during the day….GREAT JOB!


1st flip, verbal warning


2nd flip, student loses ½ of their recess and will need to fill out a consequence sheet


3rd flip, student loses entire recess and needs to write a letter home explaining their behavior


4th flip, trip to the office and a phone call home

All student behavior is monitored closely every day and month to month.  All student behavior is recorded each day.  Below is an explanation for daily and monthly behavior rewards.


Three names are randomly selected each day.  If that students is on green and has their behavior calendar they will get to pick a small prize.  Those on yellow, pink, blue, or white for the week will not get to pick a small prize.


Students who have been on green or yellow all month will get to take part in a monthly behavior reward.  Students that have flipped their card to pink, blue, or white will not be able to attend the end of the month behavior reward.