Happy Birthday (What your child can bring to celebrate their day.)


Birthdays will be celebrated during the school year. What better way to celebrate your child’s special day than to have your child donate a copy of their favorite book to our classroom library.

If your child would rather that I read one of their special books from home instead of donating a book to our classroom library, then I will do that also. That book will be returned to your child by the end of the school day.

This is due to so many children having allergies to various types of foods, the logistics of planning for a cupcake/treat celebration on your child’s birthday,

Also, if your child has a summer birthday, then just let me know if your child would like to celebrate their “half” birthday during the school year.  (Example: if your child has a birthday in July, then their “half” birthday would be in January.)

Unfortunately, if your child brings in an edible treat for their birthday, then we will have to send it back home unopened.

Birthday Party!!! 

             I do realize what an exciting time birthdays are and planning for a birthday party is twice the fun.  However, unless ALL children are invited to a birthday party, then I am asking that all party invitation “passing out” to be done either before or after school.  

        It is easier if the “passing out” is done by the parent(s) of the child whose birthday will be celebrated.  If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to ask.