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Mrs. Laura Draper

            Welcome to the D-7  Elementary Music Page!

Our students have music each week for half of every year. During the other half of each year, they have art class. Here are some things students learn in elementary music. 

Students in grades four and five learn to read music and play musical instruments including the recorder, hand chimes, and various mallet percussion instruments. A recorder is the small woodwind instrument with a flute-like sound.  Students purchase their own recorder, and practice their new songs each night at home. When they come back to music class they share what they have learned. When students master a song, they recieve a colorful "belt" to tie onto their recorder, which also serves as a record of their grade status.

Students in grades two and three learn to read, sing and play songs using the lower notes we use when we sing and speak. They play on non-pitched percussion and pitched mallet percussion instruments, and they sing from a broad spectrum of seasonal, patriotic, traditional and international music. As we prepare for concerts, everyone has the opportunity to try singing a solo and using the microphone.

All of our children in grades two through five learn about music from long ago by studying a few famous composers each year. They learn about three great kinds of musical stories - ballet, opera and musical. These great stories introduce us to music from many times and places.                                        
Kindergarten and first grade children sing and play a wide variety of songs and musical games. They enjoy marching, dancing, singing and experimenting with some of the instruments we have in our classroom. 

All elementary students share what they are learning through concerts each semester. Sometimes we share our music through "informances," a sort of musical open-house. In an "informance," parents are invited to music class to see what we have been doing.