Why Music Is Important


Music helps children to learn!

As children march, clap, sing and play, their brains grow and remember things they learned.  Research shows that music learning and math learning travel the same pathways in the brain, so making music can improve children's math capabilities.   In the same way reading skills are strengthened as children learn to read music, and as they read songs together, strengthening those same decoding skills we use to read!

Children learn in various ways - by doing, watching hearing, and seeing.  Some children learn especially well through music, and all of us tend to remember well what we learned by singing and playing.

Music allows children to express themselves!

All of us need an outlet to express ourselves.  Music is a great avenue of shared self expression common to people all over the world.  It is an outlet, a collaboration, a shared accomplishment unique to human expression.  

While we explore the stories and music of cultures around the world we grow in understanding and discover that we have much in common.